Montana West Sedona Ranch Collection Trinity Ranch Handbag (SR-8337)

Montana West®

  • $ 59.00

From the Sedona Line by Montana West, partial leather handbag features:

  • Genuine leather on the buckle flap that snaps close
  • Genuine leather with tooled design and lacing
  • Genuine leather lacing
  • Each side snap together to make for a sleek look
  • A single compartment divided by a medium zippered pocket, zipper enclosure for the entire purse, smaller zippered pocket on inside back and 2 open pockets on the inside front, an open and pockets on the outside back
  • Rhinestones and silver embellishments
  • 4 studs on bottom
  • Double flat straps
  • 14 x 4 x 11 (10.5 strap)

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